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1.  Which of the following is the distinguishing characteristic of State, as compared with other associations?
A. Population B. Territory
C. Government D. Sovereignty

2.  Which of the following are the four characteristics of state?
A. Government, territory, population, association B. Association, sovereignty, territory, population
C. Army, territory, population and sovereignty D. Population, territory, government and soverignty

3.  The term state has often been confused with:
A. Sovereignty B. Association
C. Nation D. Government

4.  Which of the following is not true about difference between the State and the Government?
A. The will of the State is expressed through Government B. The State is concrete while the Government is abstract
C. The State has original whereas Government has delegated powers D. The State is large whereas Government is a small body.

5.  According to Plato, the population of the State should be about:
A. 5000 B. 6000
C. 7000 D. 8000

6.  Which of the following is true about difference between the State and Government?
A. Origin of both is shrouded in mystery B. Loyalty of both is essential
C. Changes in the State do not come frequently whereas in the Government these are frequent D. Sovereignty vests in the both

7.  Who said that 'stte is a community permanently established for a political end'?
A. Hall B. Laski
C. Woodrow Wilson D. McIver

8.  Who said that State is a territorial society divided into government and the subjects?
A. Garner B. Finer
C. Austin D. Laski

9.  Who said that the state is a people organised for law within a definite territory?
A. Oppenheim B. Woodrow Wilson
C. Laski D. Hall

10.  State has been defined as 'human society with political differentiations existing in it between the governed and the governors' by?
A. Oppenheim B. Duguit
C. McIver D. T.H. Green

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