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1.  The world 'sovereignty' derives its origin from superanus which belongs to language:
A. Green B. Latin
C. English D. French
E. Roman    

2.  Who is ancient past felt that sovereignty was the 'fullness of the state'?
A. Romans B. Greek
C. Muslims D. Arabs
E. French    

3.  Who believed that sovereignty extended to all individuals and associations living in the state?
A. St. Augustine B. Aristotle
C. Bodin D. Rousseau

4.  Who of the following distinguished between the sovereignty of the people and political sovereignty?
A. Plato B. Aristotle
C. Hobbes D. Locke
E. Rousseau    

5.  Who believed that sovereignty vested in the 'general will'?
A. Hobbes B. Locke
C. Grotius D. Rousseau
E. John Austin    

6.  External aspect of sovereignty was fully developed by:
A. John Austin B. Grotius
C. Bodin D. Hobbes
E. Plato    

7.  Name of John Austin in the development of sovereignty is associated with:
A. Internal aspect B. External aspect
C. Legal theory D. Philosophical theory
E. No theory    

8.  Who of the following said that strictly speaking sovereignty is an internal power, pick that up?
A. Gettell B. Gilchrist
C. John Coulhon D. Liber

9.  Which of the following is not an essential characteristic of sovereignty?
A. Permanence B. Exclusiveness
C. All comprehensiveness D. Wealth
E. Indivisibility    

10.  Who of the following said that sovereignty is an entire thing?
A. John Coulhon B. Dicey
C. Sir Henry Maine D. Laski

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