CSS :: International Relations and World Organizations

1.  French revolution occurred in:
A. 1787 B. 1789
C. 1798 D. None of these

2.  World population was one billion in:
A. 1800 B. 1803
C. 1850 D. None of these

3.  Versailles Peace Conference was held in:
A. 1918 B. 1919
C. 1920 D. None of these

4.  Germany invaded Poland in:
A. 1938 B. 1939
C. 1940 D. None of these

5.  Bretton Woods Conference was concluded in:
A. July,1944 B. August,1944
C. September,1944 D. None of these

6.  ECOSOC has been established under chapter _______ of the UN
C. X D. None of these

7.  The UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim belonged to:
A. Austria B. Poland
C. Belgium D. None of these

8.  "Politics Among Nations" was written by:
A. K.J.Holstai B. Hans Morgenthau
C. Frederick Hartman D. None of these

9.  United Arab Emirates is a federation of:
A. 5 Emirates B. 6 emirates
C. 7 Emirates D. None of these

10.  The ICJ is located at:
A. Washington B. Geneva
C. Hague D. None of these

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