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1.  Where is written that men are born equal and always continue to be free and equal in respect of their rights?
A. Charter of League Nations B. Charter of U.N.O.
C. Slogan of Glorious Revolution D. Slogan of French Revolution
E. Declaration of Rights of Man (1789)    

2.  Who said that all men are crated equal?
A. U.S. Constitution B. French Constitution (5th Republic)
C. Swiss Constitution D. Constitution of People's Republic of China

3.  The type of equality, which believes that all should be treated as equal partners in society, is called:
A. Civil equality B. Political equality
C. Social equality D. Natural equality

4.  The theory, which believes that all are equal in the eyes of nature, is called:
A. Economic equality B. Cultural equality
C. Natural equality D. Political equality

5.  Liberty and equality are:
A. Complementary B. Contradictory
C. Neither complementary nor contradictory

6.  Who said that political equality can never be real unless it is accompanied by virtual economic equality:
A. Laski B. D.G.H.Cole
C. Lord Action D. De Tocqueville

7.  The system under which each one is given the right to vote on equal basis is covered under:
A. Religious equality B. Social equality
C. Political equality D. Economic equality
E. Natural equality    

8.  The system under the people are treated equal in the eyes of law is covered under:
A. Civil equality B. National equality
C. Natural equality D. Political equality

9.  Who of the following believed in the concept of negative equality?
A. MacLver B. Laski
C. Marx D. Lord Action
E. Dicey    

10.  Who of the following is associated with the concept of positive equality?
A. Laski B. Bakunin
C. Prodhoun D. De-Tacqueville

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