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1.  In which capacity did Callisthenes serve under Alexander?
A. Physician B. Historian
C. General D. Regent

2.  Which Academy colleague left with Aristotle after Plato's death and accompanied him in some of his travels?
A. Xenocrates B. Antipater
C. Pixodarus D. Hermeias

3.  Which of the following was not excluded from citizenship in the Politics?
A. Slaves B. Children
C. Resident aliens D. The clergy

4.  Who assumed leadership of the Academy after Plato's death?
A. Hermeias B. Xenocrates
C. Eudemus D. Speusippus

5.  In what Macedonian village was Aristotle born?
A. Sparta B. Stagira
C. Athens D. None of these

6.  What was the name of the school that Aristotle established in a grove sacred to Apollo?
A. Lyceum B. Gymnasium
C. Academy D. Alcemium

7.  What was the name of Aristotle's father, which he used to name one of his works?
A. Eudemeus B. Nicomachus
C. Eudoxus D. Phillipius

8.  What famous individual was taught by Aristotle?
A. Ptolemy B. Julius Caesar
C. Socrates D. Alexander the Great

9.  What famous individual who taught Aristotle?
A. Socrates B. Plato
C. Euclid D. St. Augustine

10.  Aristotle is considered the founder of what?
A. Modern Biology B. Modern Physics
C. Modern Chemistry D. Modern Anatomy

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