Entry Test MCQ :: Oscillations

11.  The frequency of the second pendulum is
A. 1 hertz B. 0.5 hertz
C. 1.5 hertz D. 2.5 hertz

12.  Simple harmonic motion is a type of
A. rotational motion B. circular motion
C. musical arrangement D. vibratory motion

13.  The SI unit of force constant is identical with that of
A. force B. pressure
C. surface tension D. loudness

14.  When the amplitude of a wave become double its energy become
A. double B. four times
C. one half D. none time

15.  A simple pendulum suspended form the ceiling of a lift has time period T when the lift is at rest. When the lift falls freely, the time period is
A. infinite B. T/g
C. zero D. g/T

16.  The energy of SHM is maximum at
A. mean position B. extreme position
C. in between mean and extreme D. all positions during SHM

17.  The product of frequency and time period is equal to
A. 1 B. 2
C. 3 D. 4

18.  When one is the correct graph between acceleration a and displacement d for SHM?

19.  The displacement of SHM is written as X = X? sin?t if displacement is written by X = X? son ?t then phase constant will be equal to
A. 0? B. 45?
C. 90? D. 180?

20.  For what displacement the P.E becomes 1/4 of its maximum value?
A. x = x? B. x = x?/2
C. x = x?/4 D. x = x?2/2

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