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1.  According to Mc Gregor's theory of management
A. All managers are complex in behaviour and it is difficult to get work done B. X managers in organisation will not work and Y managers will work. The ratio X/Y depends on the organisational set up
C. The ratio X/Y is always on 0.5 for any organisation D. X theory managers pressume that the average human being has an inherent dislike of work and will avoid it if he can
E. None of the above    

2.  The benefit of good communication in a factory is
A. Reduced frustration B. Improvement in work performance
C. Development of good human relations D. Creation of interests and attention
E. Better profits    

3.  An industrial dispute is a dispute, disagreement or difference between
A. Management and government B. Management and workers
C. Workers and workers D. Trade unions and trade unions
E. (A), (C) and (D) only    

4.  Standing orders are applicable to
A. All industries B. All engineering industries
C. Only major industries D. All industries employing more than 500 workers
E. All industries employing more than 100 workers    

5.  Standing orders are applicable to
A. Voluntary B. Statutory
C. Compulsory D. Compulsory for big industries only
E. Compulsory for medium industries    

6.  Standing orders contain
A. History of management of a factory B. Names of directors of company
C. List of important officers of a company D. Serve conditions, leave, discipline rules etc., for officers
E. Service conditions, leave, discipline rules etc., for workers    

7.  Standing orders act provides for penalties for
A. Failure of an employer to submit the draft standing orders for certification B. Modifications of standing orders not in accordance with the prescribed procedure
C. Doing any act in contravention of the certified above D. (A) and (B) above
E. (A), (B) and (C) above    

8.  Standing orders are certified by
A. Management B. Workers
C. Workers union D. Management and workers union
E. Certifying officer of government    

9.  The conditions to be fullfilled before the Standing orders are certified are
A. They Standing orders should provide for every matter set out in the schedule which is applicable to the Industrial establishment B. The Standing orders should be in conformity with the provisions of the Act
C. The certifying officers or the Appellate authority shall before certifying the Standing orders adjusdicate upon the fairness or reasonableness of the provisions of any Standing orders D. (A) and (B) above
E. (A), (B) and (C) above    

10.  For interpretation of Standing orders the workman can refer to
A. Shop supervisor B. Management
C. Trade union D. Labour court
E. None of the above    

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