CSS :: World Press Evolution

1.  Who was the first to disseminate news?
A. James Augustus Hickey B. Julius Caesar
C. Mr. Body D. None of these

2.  What is Dura Acta?
A. Orders relate to the senate's activity B. Bills relate to the parliament activity
C. Name of a newspaper D. None of these

3.  Which country invented printing press first:
A. Japan B. America
C. China D. None of these

4.  Who developed printing with moveable type?
A. William Bolt B. Johann Gutenberg
C. C.H.Clay D. None of these

5.  Which Muslim rulers introduced Newsletters in India?
A. Ghaznavide B. Ghurids
C. Mughals D. None of these

6.  During which Mughal Ruler the system of newsletters was at its peak?
A. Akbar B. Shahjehan
C. Aurangzeb D. None of these

7.  When was the first issue of the Hickey Gazette appeared?
A. Jan 29. 1780 B. March 27. 1780
C. August 25. 1780 D. None of these

8.  The Hickey Gazette published by:
A. James Eussenden B. James Augustus Hickey
C. James Boyd D. None of these

9.  The second newspaper from Calcutta was:
A. Madras Courier B. India Herald
C. The India Gazette

10.  The first weekly from Madras was:
A. Madras Courier B. Hurkaru
C. The Friend of India D. None of these

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