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The question types on the GAT don't cover a wide variety of topics. They are very limited. No science, no world languages, no social studies. You'll find only questions testing critical reading, analytical skills, and quantitative skills- sills that you?ve been working on since 6th or 7th class.

All of the questions are multiple choices. That's good because it means the correct answer is right there on the page for you. You just have to find it. The following pages provide you with a closer look at the question types and question formats that you will find in each section of the GAT.

GAT Verbal Section

AntonymsAntonyms, Analogies, Sentence Completions, and Critical Reading MCQs are intermingled. You select a word that is most nearly opposite in meaning.
Analogies:You select a pair of words that best expresses a relationship that is similar to that of an original pair of words.
Sentence Completions:A word or words are omitted from a sentence. You select the word or words that are when inserted, best fit the whole sentence to give the true meaning.
Critical Reading:You answer questions about reading passages from a variety of subjects. Quantitative Comparisons and Math Ability MCQs are intermingled.

GAT Quantitative Section

Problem Solving: You solve multiple ? choice general math and word problems
Quantitative ComparisonYou compare the quantities given in two columns and identify the larger quantity. Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning MCQs are intermingled.

GAT Analytical Reasoning Questions

Analytical Reasoning:You need to draw reasoned conclusions and relationships based on different sets of statements
Logical Reasoning:You derive logical conclusions and relationships from a variety of situations and passages.

While the sections are usually presented in this order, there is no guarantee that they always will be given this way. You may find the order changed; this should make no difference to your successful test taking. The whole exam takes 1 hours and 20 minutes. The number of questions in each section for different types of GAT is mentioned above.

The verbal section is segmented into four types; Sentence completion, Analogy, Reading comprehension, and Antonyms. There are two basic things that verbal section tests; your vocabulary and your ability to read particular type of passage quickly and efficiently.

The quantitative ability section includes basic arithmetic, problem solving, and geometry. No trigonometry or calculus is tested on the GAT.

The last section of the GAT is Analytical Ability, which is divided into two distinct types; Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. On the following sections of the book, you'll find a comprehensive discussion about all the sections of the GAT.

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