CSS :: Soil Erosion and Conservation

1.  Terracing is an affective method of soil conservation:
A. Desert areas B. Hilly areas
C. Plains D. Riverine areas

2.  Which is the main causative factor for desertification?
A. Irrigated agriculture B. Overgrazing
C. Tourism D. Developmental activities

3.  Deforestation may reduce the chances of:
A. Rain fall B. Frequent cyclones
C. Erosion of surface soil D. Frequent landslides

4.  Deforestation causes:
A. Soil erosion B. Pollution
C. No floods D. None of these

5.  One of the following crops is the most effective in controlling soil erosion:
A. Cotton B. Pigeon pea
C. Green gram D. Maize

6.  Sheet erosion is caused by:
A. Fast running rivers B. Wind
C. Heavy rains D. Glaciers

7.  Soil conservation means:
A. Prevention of spread of desert B. To check soil erosion by wind and rains
C. To check soil erosion by afforestation D. All of these

8.  Soil conservation can best achieved by having:
A. Wind screens B. Good plant covers
C. Restricted human activity D. Low rainfall

9.  Main indicator of soil erosion is:
A. Deforestation B. Afforestation
C. Ozone layer D. Goats and grazing animals

10.  Dark coloured soils are considered most fertile as they contain:
A. Gravel and sand B. Sand and calcium
C. Clay and humus D. Silt and earthworms

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