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51.  She made the boy to do the work.
A. she made B. the boy
C. to do D. the work

52.  Khipill was made stand the whole day.
A. Khippil was B. made
C. stand D. the whole day

53.  "Don't make lame excuse," said Anna.
A. Don't B. make
C. said D. Anna

54.  She very often enjoys to swim.
A. she B. very often
C. enjoys D. to swim

55.  She avoids to meet people.
A. she B. avoids
C. to meet D. people

56.  They enjoyed during the whole night.
A. they enjoyed B. during
C. the whole D. night

57.  She told that she wouldn't come.
A. she told B. that
C. she wouldn't D. come

58.  Andren told to me about her.
A. Andren B. told to
C. about D. her

59.  I suggest you to apply for this post.
A. I suggest B. you to apply
C. for D. this post

60.  I want that you should meet him at the earliest.
A. I want B. that you should meet
C. him D. at the earliest

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