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41.  She ignored the suggestion that she gets more exercise.
A. she ignored B. the suggestion
C. she gets D. more exercise

42.  These notes need to revise.
A. these B. notes
C. need D. to revise

43.  Time and tide wait for none.
A. time and tide B. wait
C. for D. none

44.  The novelist and poet are dead.
A. the novelist B. and
C. poet D. are dead

45.  The rise and fall of the tide are due to lunar fluctuation.
A. the rise B. and
C. fall D. the tide are

46.  None of them were there.
A. None B. of them
C. were D. there

47.  Each boy and each girl were given prize.
A. each boy B. and each girl
C. were D. given prize

48.  He never has and never will take such bold steps.
A. he never has B. never will take
C. such bold D. steps

49.  Lie the child down to sleep.
A. lie B. the child
C. down D. to sleep

50.  Let me lay here.
A. Let's B. me
C. lay D. here

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