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31.  Let's get Ralph go with us.
A. Let's B. get Relph
C. go D. with us

32.  Tom had a tooth fill
A. Tom B. had better
C. a tooth D. fill

33.  They had the lawyer to change their wills.
A. They had B. the lawyer
C. to change D. their wills

34.  Michael helped me getting this job.
A. Michael B. helped me
C. getting D. this job

35.  If water will freeze, it becomes a solid thing.
A. if water B. will freeze
C. becomes D. a solid thing

36.  If you would come, I would go.
A. if you B. would come
C. I would D. go

37.  If you came, I would have gone.
A. if you B. I
C. would D. have gone

38.  Would that spring was always!
A. would that B. spring
C. was D. always

39.  The doctor suggested that he should not smoke.
A. the doctor B. suggested
C. that D. he should not smoke

40.  I propose that the vote is secret ballot.
A. I propose B. that
C. the vote D. is secret

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