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21.  They didn't plan buying a car.
A. they didn't B. plan
C. buying D. a car

22.  We enjoyed to talk with your friend.
A. we enjoyed B. to talk
C. with D. your friend

23.  We can't help to wonder why she left.
A. can't help B. to wonder
C. why D. she left

24.  "Do you know to swimming," she asked.
A. Do you B. know
C. to swimming D. she asked

25.  I was used to get up early.
A. I was B. used to
C. get up D. early

26.  You had better to check the schedule.
A. you B. had better
C. to check D. the schedule

27.  You had better don't go alone.
A. you B. had better
C. don't go D. alone

28.  I would rather to drive the car.
A. I B. would rather
C. to drive D. the car

29.  She made the baby to mop.
A. She B. made
C. the baby D. to mop

30.  I want to get the house paint.
A. I want B. to get
C. the house D. paint

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