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11.  Financial planners usually recommend that an individual saves something.
A. recommend B. that
C. saves D. something

12.  Hold up the baby so that the soles of the feet touches a flat surface.
A. hold up B. so that
C. soles D. touches

13.  The two friends shaked hands with each other.
A. the two friends B. shaked
C. hands D. each other

14.  The Japanese attacked on Pearl Harbor.
A. the B. Japanese
C. attacked on D. Pearl Harbor

15.  It is essential that nitrogen is present in the soil for plants to grow.
A. it is essential B. that nitrogen
C. is present D. in the soil

16.  In ancient Greece, it was agreed stopping wars for the Olympic games.
A. in ancient B. it was agreed
C. stopping D. wars for the

17.  The Roman Emperor Theodosius ordered the games stopping in 394 A.D.
A. the Roman Emperor B. ordered the games
C. stopping D. in 394 A.D.

18.  The two world wars prevented the Olympics from to take a place.
A. the two world wars B. prevented
C. from D. to take

19.  Electronic timing were used for the first time in 1912.
A. Electronic timing B. were used
C. for the first time D. in 1912

20.  Competitors were prevented to participate because of the economic depression.
A. competitors B. prevented
C. to participate D. because of

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