CSS :: Economics and Commercial Geography

1.  Which is the smallest continent?
A. Europe B. Antarctica
C. South America D. Australia

2.  Asia is the largest continent in the world. Roughly what percentage of the earth's area is covered by it?
A. 33.4 B. 29.5
C. 27.6 D. 25.8

3.  Which country in Europe has the largest area?
A. Spain B. France
C. Sweden D. Finland

4.  Identify the world's largest island:
A. Greenland B. New Guinea
C. Borneo D. Great Britain

5.  Which is the highest waterfall in the world?
A. Tugela B. Utigord
C. Angel D. Yosemite

6.  Which is the world's largest river?
A. Nile B. Amazon
C. Hudson D. Mississippi-Missouri

7.  Which is the biggest ocean in the world?
A. Arctic Ocean B. Indian Ocean
C. Pacific Ocean D. Atlantic Ocean

8.  Which two continents are complementary to each other?
A. Africa and South America B. Asia and Australia
C. North America and South America D. Asia and Europe

9.  Which of the following is a block mountain?
A. Andes B. Rockies
C. Alps D. Vosges

10.  Which is the world's smallest independent country?
A. Manaco B. Vatican city
C. Naura D. Tauralu

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