Entry Test MCQ :: Organic Chemistry

1.  Main source of organic compounds is
A. Animal B. Fossil
C. Coal D. Plants

2.  Octane number can be improved by
A. Isomerization B. Adding (C2H5)4 Pb
C. Adding (CH3)4 Pb D. All

3.  Hydro carbons which burn with smoky flame are called
A. Aliphatic B. Alicyclic
C. Aromatic D. Aldehyde

4.  Octane number 2 2 4-trimethyl pentane is
A. 100 B. 90
C. 80 D. 70

5.  Propene can exhibit
A. cis-trans isomerism B. geometric isomerism
C. both a & b D. none of the above

6.  Geometric isomerism is usually found in
A. Alkanes B. Alkenes
C. Alkynes D. Esters

7.  Pentane and 2-methyl butance have the same
A. Boiling point B. Melting point
C. Percentage composition D. Structural formula

8.  Organic compounds that are essentially nonpolar and exhibit weak intermolecular forces have
A. Low melting points B. Low vapour pressure
C. High boiling points D. High electrical conductivity

9.  The first organic compound was synthesized in laboratory by
A. Wohler B. Kolbe
C. Berzilius D. Berthelot

10.  According to vital force theory
A. Oorganic compounds can be synthesized from inorganic compounds B. organic compounds cannot be synthesized from inorganic compounds
C. organic compounds can be synthesized by animals D. organic compounds can be synthesized by plants

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