Entry Test MCQ :: Carboxylic Acids

1.  When - COOH is attached directly to the benzene ring the acid is called
A. Aliphatic B. Alicyclic
C. Carboxylic D. Aromatic

2.  The common name of propane 1 3-dioic is
A. Oxalic acid B. Aromatic acid
C. Malonic acid D. Fumaric acid

3.  The common thing in phthalic acid and oxalic acid is that both are
A. Aromatic B. Dicarboxylic
C. Hydrocarbons D. Strong acids

4.  The irritation caused by red ants bite is due to
A. Lactic acid B. Formic acid
C. Uric acid D. Acetic acid

5.  The acid which is used as ink remover is
A. Oxalic acid B. Succinic acid
C. Adipic acid D. Acetic acid

6.  Which of the following is the strongest acid?
A. Water B. Formic acid
C. Acetic acid D. Propanoic acid

7.  Which acid is the manufacture of synthetic rubber?
A. Acetic acid B. Formic acid
C. Carbonic acid D. Benzoic acid

8.  Acidic amino acids have
A. 2 amino groups and 1 carboxylic group B. 1 amino and 1 carboxylic groups
C. 2 carboxylic groups and 1 amino group D. 2 amino and 2 carboxylic groups

9.  In the formation of Zwitter ions proton goes from
A. Carboxyl to amino group B. Amino to carboxyl group
C. Amino group only D. Carboxyl group only

10.  The term internal salt refers to
A. Acidic character of amino acids B. Basic character of amino acids
C. Dipolar character of amino acids D. Non-polar structure of amino acids

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