Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Fungi

1.  How many species of fungi are known till now
A. 10000 B. 100000
C. 10000000 D. 1000

2.  Which of the following group represent pathological fungi?
A. Mushrooms morels and truffles B. Rusts smuts and molds
C. Penicillium D. All of these

3.  Which one of the following is different from all the rest regarding the number of cells inits body?
A. Rusts B. Mushrooms
C. Molds D. Yeasts

4.  Fungi which get their food directly from dead organic matter are called?
A. Parasitic fungi B. Predators
C. Mutualists D. Decomposers

5.  Root like structure in saprotrophic fungi are called
A. Rhizodis B. Haustoria
C. Hyphae D. Constricting rings

6.  Those fungi which can grow only on their living host and cannot be grown on available defined growth culture medium e.g. various mildews and most rust species are called
A. Parasitic fungi B. Obligate parasitic fungi
C. Facultative parasitic fungi D. All of these

7.  Oyster mushroom is an example of predator fungi which attack on
A. Pin warms B. Tape worms
C. Round worms D. Platehelminthes

8.  Lichen is a symbiotic mutualistic association of fungi with
A. Autotrophs B. Roots of vascular plants
C. Green algae and cyanobacterium D. Leguminous plants

9.  Foliose lichen are
A. Stem like B. Branching
C. Leaf like D. Crust like

10.  An association in which fungal hyphae penetrate the outer cells of the plant root forming coils swellings and minute branches and also extend out into surrounding soil is called:
A. Mycorrizael association B. Endomycorrhizae
C. Ectomycorrhizae D. Lichen

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