Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Animalia

61.  Notochord is present throughout life in
A. Urochordates B. Cephalochordates
C. Chordates D. Vertebrates

62.  Body is eel like in
A. Cyclostomata B. Chondrichthyes
C. Osteichthyes D. None of these

63.  Which of the following fishes contained lungs?
A. Lamprey B. Perch
C. Plaice D. Dipnoi

64.  Shell of egg is leathery in appearance in
A. Amphibians B. Reptiles
C. Birds D. Prototherians

65.  Mammals became dominant in
A. Proterozoic era B. Mesozoic era
C. Paleozoic era D. Cenozoic era

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