Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Animalia

31.  The skeleton of sponges is made up of
A. Calcium B. Silica
C. Both of these D. None of these

32.  Sperms released in water are carried to the mesenchyme in sponges by
A. Amoeboid cell B. Stipules
C. Spicules D. Spines

33.  Gut in pseudocoelomates is made from
A. Ectoderm B. Mesoderm
C. Endoderm D. All of these

34.  In sponges fertilization takes place in
A. Ectoderm B. Mesenchyme
C. Endoderm D. Uterus

35.  The single main opening of the sponge cavity is
A. Osculum B. Ostia
C. Spongocoel D. None of these

36.  Enteron in coelenterates acts as
A. Digestive cavity B. Body cavity
C. Transporting cavity D. all of these

37.  Which of the following are motile zooids in cnidarians?
A. Polyps B. Medusae
C. Both of these D. None of these

38.  Exoskeoeton of coelenterates terates is made up to
A. Calcium B. Silica
C. Chitin D. Both A & B

39.  All of the following coelenterates show alternation of generation except
A. Hydra B. Obelia
C. Aurelia D. None of these

40.  All of the following are tue for platyhelminthes except
A. Flatwarms B. Triploblastic
C. Coelomate D. Bilateral symmetry

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