Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Animalia

21.  In acoelomates gut is _____ in origin.
A. Ectodermal B. Endodermal
C. Mesodermal D. None of these

22.  Sperms are _____ in origin.
A. Ectodermal B. Mesodermal
C. Endodermal D. None of these

23.  A sponge of Antarctica which is more than a meter tall is
A. Scolymastra joubini B. Euplectella
C. Spongilla D. Leucoselenia

24.  Venus flower basket is also known as
A. Sycon B. Euplectella
C. Leucoselenia D. Spongilla

25.  Inner layers of the sponges are made up of
A. Pinacocytes B. Choanoderm
C. Choanoytes D. Pinacoderm

26.  Porifera range in size from
A. Few millimeter wide to more than one meter tall B. Few centimeter wide to more than one meter tall
C. Few decimeter wide to more than one meter tall D. One meter wide to more than millimeter tall.

27.  The internal buds are known as
A. Spicules B. Choanocytes
C. Gemmules D. None of these

28.  The sponges in which sperms develop first are included in the category of
A. Peritandrous B. Pertandrous
C. Protendrous D. Protandrous

29.  80% of the food of sponges consists of
A. Detrital organic particles B. Zooplankton and small animals
C. Phytoplanktons D. all of these

30.  The skeleton of the sponges is in the form of variously shaped needle like structures called
A. Stripules B. Spicules
C. Brails D. Spines

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