Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Animalia

11.  Of the following which one is not found in series proterostomia.
A. Annelida B. Arthropoda
C. Mollusea D. Echinodermata

12.  In some cases the blastomere can produce complete embryo the cleavage will be
A. Spiral and determinate B. Radial and indeterminate
C. Spiral and indeterminate D. Radial and determinate

13.  The fate of each blastomere is foretold. The cleavage will be as
A. Spiral and indeterminate B. Radial and indeterminate
C. Radial and indeterminate D. Spiral and determinate

14.  Of the following which one is non-cellular in most cases in animals?
A. Mesenchyme B. Sclerenchyma
C. Chlorenchyma D. Mesoderm

15.  In most triploblasts after embryonic development the three layers are represented as
A. Separate layers of cells B. Structures formed from them
C. Structures associated with them D. Their functions in body

16.  Of the following which one is not the characteristic of triploblasts.
A. All of them have blood vascular system B. They may be coelomate pseudocoelomate or acoelomate
C. They are included in grade bilateria D. All of them have digestive system

17.  The system well - developed in the acoelomate is
A. Excretory system B. Nervous system
C. Both of these D. Transport system

18.  Pseudocoelem develops from
A. Blastopore B. Plastoquinone
C. Blastocoel D. Splitting of mesoderm

19.  The function of coelom is
A. To increase the size of the animals B. To help in the functioning of reproductive system
C. To provide space for the development of organs and systems D. None of these

20.  Coelom is lined by
A. Parietal mesoderm B. Visceral mesoderm
C. Mesoderm D. Both A & B

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