Entry Test MCQ :: Biology Diagnostic Test

1.  The one which is present in all living things
A. Cell nucleus B. DNA or RNA
C. Cell membrane D. Vacuole

2.  The mechanism of stomatal movement is related to the branch of Biology called
A. Taxonomy B. Physiology
C. Morphology D. Anatomy

3.  Maximum number of species of living things on earth are
A. Algae B. Fungi
C. Insects D. Protozoa

4.  Variety among amino acids is produced due to
A. NH2 group B. COOH group
C. R group D. All of these

5.  Primary structure of proteins determines
A. Number of polypeptide chains involved B. Bending of polypeptide chains
C. Amino acid sequence D. Coiling of polypeptide chains

6.  The one which is not a globular protein
A. Anti Rh-antibody B. Enzyme
C. Myosin D. Haemoglobin

7.  An enzyme which converts a dipeptide into separate amino acids is an example of
A. Decarboxylase B. Hydrolase
C. Oxidoreductase D. Transferase

8.  Cellular digestion is associated with which organelle
A. Mitochondria B. Golgi bodies
C. Plastids D. Lysosomes

9.  The unicellular organisms ingest large molecules into their cytoplasm from the external environment without previously digesting them. This process is called
A. Diffusion B. Osmosis
C. Phagocytosis D. Plasmolysis

10.  Membranes of the grane are sites where
A. Oxygen is stored B. Food is stored
C. Sunlight is trapped D. CO2 is stored.

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