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  If a = 3 then what is the value of (a2)3 - a?
[A]. 12[B]. 15
[C]. 240[D]. 243
[E]. 726    

Answer: Option E


(a2)3 = a6 ? 36 - 3 = 729 - 3 = 726

asiyah majeed said:    
how it becomes 726. if we put the values of a then ans will be 15

Jay said:    
how's it E? It should be B.. how you made 729 from 36?? Please explain.. or are you giving wrong solutions..??

erum said:    
B is correct answer because a=3 put values then get answer

ALI RAZA said:    
b i correct no solution gives 726 kindly correct it

fahad said:    
This ans is right coz powers will multiply and become 6 and 3^6=729 and subtract the value of a that is 3... So 729-3=726

Majid said:    
If (a^2)^3-a then the answer is 726 but if (a*2)*3-a then answer should be 15.... So correct answer is 15... b/c there is no sign of power.......

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