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  An aeroplane of wingspan 10m flies from the equator towards the North Pole. The wings are perpendicular to the vertical component of the earths magnetic field (B = 4x10-5T). At maximum speed an emf of 96mV is induced across the wing tips. The maximum speed of the aeroplane is
[A]. 150msec-1[B]. 384msec-1
[C]. 38.4msec-1[D]. 200msec-1

Answer: Option B

anum aqsa said:    
Please solve it in clear I m not understand it clearly help me please ?

minal said:    
but my ans is 240m/s

iQra muShtaQ said:    
ans is 240..

M.I.ZAREEF said:    
By using motional emf formula, i.e. ε=v B L sin θ, where ε=emf= 96mV=0.096V and v=velocity ? (0.096 volts)=(v)(4x10(-5)T)(10m) .The solution for v comes 240 m/s.

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