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  Nawaz Shrief went to Imran Khan
Both were gracious towards each other..Dil khush hua..Alaa..

Mughal said:    
This is a second form of Sharif...... Really good news for Pakistan people.. Agreed with your word (Alaa)

Zubair said:    
from last 6 decades, all the ruling elite has been gracious to each other but not towards the masses!

Zahid said:    
اے شیرِ مشرق! یہ ہی جوتے یہ بد ذات پیتے ہیں لہو بندہِ مزدور کا دن رات حبیب جالب

Nadeem said:    
Positive things in our politics and good for our country

Waqar said:    
if this meeting will be developing for your nations, then they should be meet each other

Nargis said:    
Imran Khan has class- am glad that N. Sharif is learning from him.

Faysal said:    
Prime Minister is lucky that @Kaptan invite him at his home lol

Cheema said:    
not at all...IK Wishes to Meet NS in PM House its NS Greatness he went his home and Give him honor....We(Public) have came to Know who have class and Courage...

Mohsin said:    
Does it matter...? who went to whom!!! May be nation should focus on real reason of meeting.

Mazhar said:    
this single meeting will drop dollar another 10 ruppes

Mansoor said:    
Don't be optimistic these so called leaders will ruined the country and nation , i appreciate your positively, but they are not worth it to be appreciated. They can only waste the time and resources of nation.

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