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  Exclusive Transport Service for women in Rawalpindi and Islamabad
Depends on who is behind this initiative, Its a good step for ??women?

Ifra said:    
Isb and Pindi needed that. No good local buses or better say no local buses there altogether.

Farooqi said:    
While this is good, I'd rather spend resources to educate men not to be such dicks to women when they use public transport. Segregation isn't always the answer, we need to move forward not backward.

Amna said:    
Farooqui true that, but it's "tarbiat" which you can't learn from school or college

Farooqi said:    
I agree absolutely, Amna, but since existing generations are devoid of basic humanity, we have to take an alternate route. I'll always be against segregation, it takes us back to a time where we really don't want to go.

Amna said:    
I'd agree once again, Lets pray that we teach some manners into ourselves!

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