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  Umer Akmal and Warden Case
What a strange logic..because you have played for Pakistan you must be treated above the law..

Azfar said:    
He deserved the arrest - I believe that Lahore police handled Akmal Brothers very well.

Ali said:    
this is the most worst dilemma of our country unfortunately

Salim said:    
Brothers hopefully have learned a lesson.

Ali Baba said:    

when the tag of being NATIONAL is attached with someone, they cross the ceilings of law. be it a national player or a national politician or a national general the laws are for common Pakistanis only

i wonder how a SPECIAL bail is granted at 1130 in night, i haven't heard about that yet but it is right that at least police resisted for few hours and made them face enough hard times... he should have simply apologized

Salim said:    
A hero is by behavior...not just by playing for a country you can call yourself a hero..

Ali Baba said:    
exactly... the law must be above all, no matter one being a national hero or sure the strong reaction of gulberg police has made a few waves... there r few times when we ought to like our police too

Saeed said:    
he is playing "with" Pakistan now

Ali Baba said:    
saeed, v well said.... lets trim it, he is playing with pakistan's city laws this time and blasted them too ...i ll make it a status post

Zain said:    
Batsman or no batsman! Any one who does not respect the law and goes to the extent of assaulting a police officer should be kicked out of the team for ever! He is lucky he was in Pakistan! In the US he would have been just shot dead by the police officer!

Naval said:    
Ranks or positions confers responsibilities not violations. The National Tag makes you special does not mean you become criminal. Unfortunately in our societies this dictatorial and Authoritarian mindset of the so called Elite has prevailed . Ever citizen is equal in civilized societies. The demand for special treatment and molding of law for such peole will be a great injustice with PAKISTAN

Salim said:    
Its not just lack of education. Its lack of family values. Basic civil behavior is taught at home. When I drive with my family I am extremely careful of observing every road children and my grand children have learned from me to respect the law.

Ali Hassan said:    
Police lying. We all knows what culture police has. We all we'll knows family values of them.

Ali Baba said:    
i say someone that is an ambassador to the nation, must observe the laws more then anyone else, and alike that, must be severely dealt with to ensure nothing like that happens again....

Zain said:    
You got it Salim! Its not just lack of education. Its lack of family values!

Naval said:    
Abusing and Beating the Security/traffic personals mean DIS-OBEDIENCE of the Constitution. The case may be lodged under Article -6 or in Anti terrorist courts as such behaviors are against the very Existence of country/PAKISTAN .

Salim said:    
Ali Hassan for once let us acknowledge our hero was zero

M Saleem said:    
It's not logic (in pak) it's a behaviour

Ahmad said:    
I think big guns like Salim and others who are commenting but anyone should set up an institute of education and Moral values for Pakistani Players. 6 months intense course and Laws for beings good citizens

M Mushtaq said:    
According to me this is our whole nation problem, if we have some status then we think we are above law because sickness of mind. Just in one sentence we are still mentally slave.

Naval said:    
National Heroes are PRIDE and PROUD for country but such so called heroes have brought disrespect for the law and PAKISTAN. It will be a discrimination if tomorrow an office going person is charged for violation of traffic laws. The eyes of LADY LAW are covered with cloth .Only those societies are civilized where law is equal for all and no one is above the law.

M Haider said:    
Mr. Ch. Nisar ordered the police during a press conference not to take into account any VIP culture no matter who so ever it is. Yesterday his protocol was stopped by islamabad police for red signal violation and he ruthlessly humiliated the poor traffic warden and ordered IG Traffic to report to his office, negating his own orders. Point made is, Charity begins at home, if the leadership is like this the citizens get a license to do all wrongs. Its always top down.

Aftab Naqvi said:    
Its just not player... mostly everyone except some real hero of the country..

Zain said:    
What Ch. Nisar did does not justify what this idiot did! He should be given an exemplary punishment! The British did a good job of putting our Captain and another scoundrel in jail for breaking the law! We should do the same!

Aftab Naqvi said:    
If we all remember correctly, what Shahbaz Shareef did with that bakery worker? who refused to give the cake after hours or in break.

Naval said:    
How come such peoples are Hero? I fail to understand. Calling such persons heroes means insulting the real Hero.people like KA are exploiter. The tag of NATIONAL HERO carries a dignity, Integrity, Responsibility, self Sacrifice, Humility, Bravery

Shahid said:    
taangain toor daini chahiay iss baigairat noo doulatiaay akmal ki iss ki body language hamaisha batati hai k aik jahil, jangli khaandan k hissa lagta hai iska driving licence fori cancel karna chahiay. cricket say pehlay yeh log bhangi say bhi gaiu guzray thay apni awqaat bhol gaiy insaan ko insaan naho samjtay. traffic wardpn nai rookha to osko galeez galiyan dainis nai start mai hii

Maqbool said:    
Even sometimes he has played with pakistan

Ali Hassan said:    
Salim he isn't my hero for this particular instant at-least but i am taking about system. Police knows all tricks and they beat and knock you down like no one else can. Secondly i dont like the dilemma when judges give damn to common man problems in routine and pretend as Best judges when some famous came into their jungle "Qanoon ki nazar mai sab brabar hai" seems funny then.

Shahid said:    
jo log manners, behavior aur good citizen training ki baat kattay hai wo sirf ail dafa dubai ja kar rehnay walay har class k pakistani logon ko dailhain aik pathan bhi law follow kartay hpway hi milayga kia wo koi training kar k jata hai wo. baat sirf danday ki hai wahan kisi ki sifarish ki umeed nahi hoti bus itni si baat hai

Mian Kaleem said:    
Anything above law is injustice and when injustice becomes law,resistance becomes duty. We all should resist against this behavior n mindset.

Shahid said:    
matlab yeh k jo ap l nation ko taraf say cricket khailta hai wo koi law follow nahi karayga. tarif wardon ko marayga. isko kaho k bhai kal say cricket chor dou iss nation per ahsan na karo.

Suleman said:    
I agree with you sir that nor should above the law, but we have to give respect to our heroes and Umer Akmal is our hero.Sir I have a personal experience with these traffic wardens they are very arrogant and proud. They have no sense how to talk with a people.

Umer said:    
no one is above the law... unfortunately i can not say that loud and clear on account of shady attitude of our police wardens. Specially after that DABUNG movie they are out of their uniforms, few days back i have witnessed some thing like this myself. No one should be allowed to treat them like the way umar did BUT that's not where this story concludes

Harris said:    
We all are being very good talking about the laws but when it comes to us we have some what similar stories calling chachas mamas n all

kamal said:    
This is really unfortunate ... where these so-called public faces should act as a role model, act otherwise. One of them should be given a solid lesson for others to remember.

A Aziz said:    
PCB should conduct civil senses courses immediately


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