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  Major Youth problems In Pakistan?

Aaeyla said:    
Unemployment f.b, cell phone,t.v

Khaleeq Uz Zaman said:    
Yes unemployment is a big problem. Lack of opportunities causes crime, brain drain and poverty
Facebook, cell phone and TV these are the means of social connection with family/friends, communication and entertainment respectively. TV is an electronic medium for Mass communication, education was the only purpose behind the establishment of TV stations in Pakistan. Cell phone is a mean of communication and a great sign of technology advancement. So these are not problems, in fact the main problem is the usage and mismanagement of time for them.

Sehar Ashraf said:    
unemployment is the major problem leading to major moral problems

Zikriya Khan said:    
Poor Education System.

Khaleeq Uz Zaman said:    
Zikriya Khan You have raised a very good point poor but expensive education systems lead us to uncertainties and push us behind the race of world class quality education at reasonable costs imagine 70 to 80 thousands per semester is a huge cost for jobless students.

Sabrina Khilji said:    
Shia Sunni Extremism!

Khaleeq Uz Zaman said:    
Shia Sunni Extremism is also a major problem i have seen so many verbiage fights on different forums between youngsters.

Sabrina Khilji said:    
and the most important corruption.

Sibghatullah Khan said:    
Unemployement, poverty, terrorism, much indulged uselessly social ,lack of proper guidence aur rishwat etc etc

Faraz said:    
corruption , unemployement and political parties

Sabrina Khilji said:    
No. Extremism isn't corruption

Danger Khan Khoso said:    
no. all youth r not equal but all politicians r equal... its corruption.

Hassan said:    
Unemployment and Unavilability of Quality education and proper Gudiance

Sumaira Ali said:    
Quality guidance, time management, confused syllabus

Khaleeq Uz Zaman said:    
So it means we are facing three main problems unemployment or lack of opportunities, lack of quality education and lack of proper guidance

musarat said:    
we want peaceful, save and sound life, it will give us lot of opportunities, our teachers, scholors, ulmaas, colleagues, friends, brothers and sisters are being targeted or they are going apart just for peace.

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