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  Encouraging or Bringing Them Down to reality
If someone is living in a false you bring them down to reality or just be nice and keep encouraging him/her to keep wasting their life..

To bring them down to reality will make you a baddie baddie...

Zain said:    
It is better to be honest than to give people false hope, even if it hurts them, it is for their own good.

Noreen said:    
it is the best thing to be straight forward rather than giving anyone false and fake hopes...for the time being it hurts but afterwards the result will be too good

Zain said:    
I believe people can sense it if something is going wrong! We just unknowingly lie to ourselves by choosing not to believe in what we do not want to. That is why we get hurt in the end when it is too late!

Michael said:    
I don't get what "leaving" in false hope means. Is it "living" by some chance?

Azhar said:    
Hurting with truth is always better then comforting with lie or false hope.

Aamir said:    
Give him reality but let him dream big too.

Ghauri said:    
I need to get Meera's English classes..subject is too serious but i need to relax as I am sad due to my inability to help some one understand the wrong path taken...

Michael said:    
There are ways to tell somebody what you think without being intrusive, judgmental or negative about it.

Ayesha said:    
I agree With Ghauri...don't bring them people the reality but with encouragement that everything will be fine in due course of use breaking someone whose already broken...

Michael said:    
The first thing to determine is whether its obligatory upon you to say anything at all. Once the need is established then comes the part of phrasing your advice in a non-adverserial manner. Such advice should always be sugar-coated.

Dr Hania said:    
If you are honest with yourself , you will never encourage anyone to have false hopes . Better to show and tell them about the reality .

Abdul Basit said:    
i have been exactly in same are right if you bring them down you are bad cop .. that person knows the truth but not courage to face reality or too optimistic.

Umair said:    
As a nation when we start taking criticism positively .. this is where we start our journey to grow exponentially .. and patience is a remedy to a large sum of problems we face in everyday life

Sajjad said:    
النصيحة بالحكمة I think, it is important to realize them the reality but doing this with wisdom and better strategy is important

Qst AR said:    
I would strongly agree with that... if you are fair to that person you have to bring him down to reality and no matter how bad you become in the long run people will realize ... who was their true friend and who was the enemy. ...

Umer said:    
As long as we don't share our advise as a judgement but rather an opinion it should work . The problem is that the other person may very well go on and achieve what looks impossible to us. So sharing it as an opinion with the right intent is what is important.

Maqbool said:    
Sach to kerwa he hota hai It is always hard on that time but after sometime you feel good that you know the truth.

Zain said:    
We all need to attend Meera's English classes! That is the best way to acquire effective communication skills! I have never heard of anyone misinterpreting any of her messages, ever!

Mechael said:    
She speaks perfectly good English.

Haroon said:    

Abdul Basit said:    
well most of us get what she want to tell .. don't we? . she is intelligent to secure her place in our minds that way

Adeel said:    
It is important to share pros and cons of their way forward and share one's own experience, people mostly learn by doing things their way so stopping them would take us off from their list of mentors!

Umer said:    
We are sure ? But we were sure about man can never reach the moon or even fly in the air. Impossible to us is made possible by ppl who dare to hope. So we must share as an opinion not as a forced judgement. If the other person gives respect to your opinion he will listen.

Emaad said:    
Agreed, hopes are always false, as we define hope as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen which is never sure. Therefore we must avoid to bring them down to reality & let them keep suffering with dreams, because such people are not interested in the truth. They are only interested in what keeps them safe, they are interested in being looked after. So the only thing we can do about it, is pray to God to show them the right path for making their dreams come true..

Ghous said:    
Hope is the best motivator, and sometimes the only element to continue life's journey towards success (definition though varies for each individual). Bringing down someone to realities especially when scenario representing a bitter picture, requires you to mentor your loved one / dear one at the same time so that you can create a perfect blend.

shahzaib said:    
Be true n be a source of understanding him n let him digest the facts with the way he get it , rather then playing with that person hopes n counting . people do value the near n dear ones to be their strength , mistakes r in everyone but how to overcome n polish them up with keeping a high motivation channel open always. This is how u can bring a person out of mislead n bringing him on reality . infect this is a very good question now a days for all people who r in fantasy . n most of time people we trust n consider our strength , intentionally let us down for their own goods.

Ahsan said:    
Showing realities to other in a convincing and persuasive way works most of the time ....but for that you should have to spend some time with them and try to create a relation ... If they realize and understand your points and concern , its mean that they are wiser , realistic and achiever other wise they are stubborn and loser ..But you will have to play your role with honesty and sincerity ..After that you will not have to be sad as You only have to give answer to Allah .. Thanks

kaleem said:    
Hurt with truth,but don't comfort with lie..

Junaid said:    
everything is achievable(with little constraints) , thats ive learn from my foreigners fellows and Sir from u as well , im afraid ive always see not convencing and little motivation here.. i dont know why .. this is what oll we need // and there is a huge lack of people ,spent thier life for just to motivate the people for thir willingx..we are selfies

Humera said:    
Its okay to be a baddie if in your heart you want good for others....eventually they'll realize that you were genuine, a well wisher and right.

Ibrar said:    
it is better to live in your realities,and do not hurt people around you by fake and false commitments.Accept people with their realities,it will never hurt you and will not hurt them,,,,,baddie baddie is better than hip hip hurry.

Amna said:    
I ll tell the reality because shot term sadness is better than long term loss...

Zain said:    
I try my best to realize this things to that person ... But if I didn't get the desire results ... I will try again in different ways...

Kibria Rana said:    
If its a matter of belief than it's pretty difficult. Whatever we say is our opinion only based on our knowledge and experience. If we believe what is right and will by sharing will add value in other person life with good intentions must be shared. It's upto the other person if he/she takes it on board or not

Amir said:    
In real world, there is nothing like false hope. Hope real or false, always keep you going and can turn a false objective into reality. We call such people optimistic

zeeshan said:    
show reality to other in secure words but do not discourage them

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