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  What are the Major Economics issues of Pakistan
Rich in resources but poor in management - What are the Major Economics issues of Pakistan

Faizan said:    
Under utilization of resources

Wasim said:    
Poor management and illetracy

Amna said:    
Unequal distribution of wealth and Too much emphasis of non productive projects

Irfan said:    
lack of marit

Zafar said:    
Pakistan is facing a power crisis and their own war on terror...that is the root cause of other economic problems.

Shoaib said:    
circular debts and political will

Hina said:    
Pak is rich in resources but here is lack of able management . .Problems relating to natural n human resources ,. .Increase in unproductive expenditures. . .The rising burden of local & foreign loans,unfair income distribution. .Unemployment. .Misgovernance. .Etc

Azad Khattak said:    
Lack of education , lack of transparency and dis obedience of law.

Riaz said:    
Main Problem is The members of Our National Assembly Who Dont even think for the bettement and Welfare of the poeple of Pakistan but They Only Increase Their Bank Balance In Swiss and all over the world as wel

Masaud said:    
There are serious draw backs in the roots of economic system.. Structural drawbacks is the major problem. We can't build a superstructure over a weak structure.. Which is also impossible due to the inconsistency .

Imran said:    
lack of good administrator and education boz we higher those people which are not eligible for the post and he dont knw the ABC of him work

M Rukhsar said:    
Ofcourse poor management ,every politician,beuro crte,businessman wants to collect more and more money ,they want money not happy pakistan,and illeteracy is the route cause due to which menpower(awam) nothing hv ability to chose who is best for economically financially and brave to stances

Zuhair Qadir said:    
Well Masaud I am would like comment on these issues in detail by acknowledging that economy act as a backbone for the countries progress..

Some facts I would like to share:
At Pakistan independence in 1947,she was richer than China,India and many other currently emerging countries. But unfortunately today Pakistan per capita income is $1000 while China $5000 and South Korea's $15000.
Just 1% of Pak population controls over half of it's wealth,other 99% is surviving on $500 annually...

Zuhair Qadir said:    
Now coming towards the major economic problems I would to think it pertinent to mention the following:
- firstly,Population growth is staggering which is 2.5%
- second,Inflation due to fiscal and trade deficit,Resultantly government resort to printing more currency which ultimately act as major factor for currency devaluation and Inflation
- Third,Unemployment due to high urbanization and low industrialization.
- Fourth,inept policy making people who are at the helm of the affairs are really indifferent how to devise a long term plans and ineffective execution of existing plans
- Fifth,declining foreign investment due to lack of friendly and investment centric policies of previous government and apathy of the current government to redefine these policies
- Sixth,cost of doing business is really high as foreign investor don't even think to come to Pakistan rather existing local investors are shifting their firms and manufacturing plants to other investment friendly countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka etc.

Afteema said:    
the basic economic issue we can say,,,,,,our govrnment just want to fill their bank balance....without thinking the right of country

Zuhair Qadir said:    
- Seventh,political instability as government change mostly been followed by metamorphic adaptation in the policies of previous government in total disregard of meritocracy and country friendly policies
- Eighth,Terrorism is also further aggravating the already critical situation of Pak economy as it has done real damage to country by creating a sense of uncertainty in chaos among investors in particulars and among our masses in general
-Ninth,ubiquitous corruption has been institutionalized to an extent that it has embedded in our culture specifically in government sector,500 billion annual corruption is shattering the entire economic fabric of our country
- Tenth,last but not the least,we don't have right-sizing approach when we talk about our policy making the person with right expertise is not serving on the post at which he supposed to be..

Rizwana Wazir said:    
We keep taking loans which r impossible to re-pay. We have never attempted on being self sufficient even on agriculture . Import bill includes the commodities which we can easily produce.

Waseeq Asif said: one wants to come nd invest...we don't have much technical resources to explore our eventually results in unemployment....unemployment means.....low GDP.....low living standard....baqi rahi sahi kasar energy crisis ny pori kr d
Kisi bhi economy k 2 bary problem hoty hain....unemployment nd inflation....agar unemployment ko control kr lo tu inflation khud control ho jati hy.yahan industry band hy.coal,gold,copper aur dosray precious metal extract krny jogay hum hain nhi.

Shahid said:    
America is the worst enemy of islam for last few decade american policy was to destroy russia they knew that direct war with russia was suicide they used muslims for their purpose muslim all over world were trapped badly they engaged muslims in war with

Zakir Ullah said:    
i would like to appreciate Mr. Zuhair Qadir who quoted basic economic problems of pakistan, i suggest u all to read it carefully really u will get some thing.

Muhammad Azhar said:    
due to lack of political will

Muhammad Yakoob Zard said:    
corruption is the major issue...

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