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  What is the difference between civilization and culture

Rose said:    
Civilization ma porani cheezain nd culturd ma our language etc a jate hn

Touqeer said:    
culture rehny sehny k tariky chal chaln tore tarik culture mtlb sakafat kehlaty hain ..civilization jo chand logo few peoples ot groups mn pai jaey

Atif said:    
Everything created by man is culture, civilization is an advanced state of cultural development.

Noor Malik said:    
mathematically speaking... culture is subset of a civilization

Tayyab said:    
culture is the thing which is surrounded by your religion,language,dressing etc and when you get civilized,means get idea about religion,culture,dressing etc then it is called as civilization.

tariq said:    
Culture: what is done? Civilization: how is done?

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