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  Work hard in silence - Let success make the noice

Tousif said:    
Good because Idea without Execution is just a Hobby and execution always makes noise

Amir said:    
its become a custom in our region to get respect by saying that I have a vision.

Zeeahan said:    
Will this work in Pakistan???? I think never..someone else take the credit of your efforts......All theories failed badly in DASI market!

Amir said:    

No Zeeshan, I dont think you are right here. Let me tell you my story. during education, I was a night scholar in PUCIT and in day time i used to teach in Army Public college. My colleagues used to make fun of me, when i used to tell them that one day i will get admission in biggest university of Pakistan PU. do you know why they make fun of me. since the BPS-17 salary by Army standards without benefits was RS 3800. Things were so bad that almost every army officer treat you like a beggars with no respect ,even considering that you are a teacher and a respectable person. sometimes even our principle have to apalogise in assembly if he hits some mischievous Generals son.

As depressive as things looks, I keep on working there for 3.5 years until i got admission in PU and got scholarship. later i left the Pakistan and have a lot of success in middle east, singapore, australia. Now a days, if the same Army officer met me, he thinks that i sold myself for dollars. what a dush???

Amir said:    

if its in human hand zeeshan, believe me, people do not let you breath freely. as far as i know, hard work never goes waste. avail your opportunities and always do the right thing.

people who are too flexible and agree with everyone on every idea never make to the top. you have to be assertive to get recognized in a corroborative world

Zeeshan said:    
Hard work never waste and help us in bottleneck situations. Actually I'm experiencing something different so posted a wrong argument. As a matter of fact sooner or later... hard work pay back.. So I need to continue work hard and pray. Allah Karim. thank you Amir bhai..

Amir said:    

Zeeshan, Life is all about optimistic thinking. I do not entirely deny your post. its more to keep you optimist, to keep you working hard and may Allah bless you with a good opportunity.

if you started to throw stones on every dog which barkes at you, you will never reach your goals.

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