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  Continual changes in pattern and syllabus books - an Improvement?
Continual changes in pattern and syllabus books are improving or depriving our education system?

Sania said:    
it does improve i believe but if it is to induct new info and researches in the syllables, if it is only for the sake of change then its obviously depriving

Ahmad said:    
Research work is best option

Saira said:    
Our education system depends upon both theoretically and practically syllabus, with the passage of time necessary changes are also brought in it, so the better changes in syllabus Improve our education system..

Umair said:    
yes i think improving because there is need to change according to time

ali danish said:    
Continual change make u update with information

About that toppic i think daily changing of syllabus is bad because sometimes it causes diversity also have bad effect.This is also causes the disturbnce for both the teachers and students.

ahmed said:    
9 men use 45 tissue papers in 6 days. How long would 70 tissue paper last for 7 men?

Raheem said:    
Think about

Raheem Lakho said:    
said thinking

sara said:    
just like updating our phones ,apps etc makes our phone faster and give us fun so i think changing, or in other words updating syllabus is a good step

anwardost said:    
i think app and phone is always is to good to new societies

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