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1.  The word ecosystem was coined by:
A. Daubenmire/R.Misra/Koestle B. Tansley
C. Weaver and Clements D. Odum/Kormondy

2.  Ecosystem has two components:
A. Plants and animals B. Weeds and trees
C. Biotic and abiotic D. Frogs and men

3.  An ecosystem may be defined as:
A. A localized association of several plants and animals B. Different communities of plants, animals and microbes, together with their physico-chemical environments
C. Different communities of plants and microbesm plus their physico-chemical environments D. None of the above

4.  Which one of the following terms does not reflect the idea of ecosystem:
A. Holocoene B. Cherposem
C. Biosystem D. Geobiocoenosis

5.  In natural ecosystem, decomposers include:
A. Only bacteria and fungi B. Only microscopic animals
C. The above two types of organisms plus mactoseopic animals D. Only the above two types of organisms

6.  Competition for water, minerals, light and space is most severe between two:
A. Closely related species occupying the same niche B. Closely related species occupying different niche
C. Unrelated species occupying the same niche D. Species occupying different overlapping ecosystems

7.  Ecosystem is:
A. Both open and closed unit depending upon the biomass present B. Closed unit
C. Open unit D. Both open and closed unit depending upon community type

8.  Each human couple should produce only two children which help in:
A. Checking pollution B. Fertility of soil
C. Stabilizing the ecosystem D. Improving food-web

9.  A habitat of long severe winters and growing season limited to a few months of summer constitutes:
A. Savana ecosystem B. Taiga ecosystem
C. Tundra ecosystem D. None of the above

10.  An ecosystem is:
A. A community of organisms interacting with one another B. The abiotic component of an area
C. The part of the earth and its atmosphere where living organisms exist D. A community of organisms together with the environment in which they live

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