CSS :: Community

1.  The community is to be found in
A. every human society B. some human societies
C. in Asia only

2.  Community is more self-sufficient than
A. society B. group
C. both of these

3.  Community is less self-sufficient than
A. group B. society
C. None of these

4.  In a community, members are supposed to primarily share
A. particular interests B. few selected interests
C. common interests

5.  The basis of the community is
A. common political ideology B. common living standard
C. common locality

6.  In a community, effect of common locality is being much reduced by
A. common way of living. B. developed means of transportation and communication.
C. common political ideology.

7.  Forgiving factor in community life is
A. community sentiments B. wealth
C. common habits of members

8.  Which of the following is not a basis of community life?
A. Common thinking B. Common locality
C. Common living standard

9.  Which one of the following is essential factor in community life?
A. Social diversity B. Likeness
C. Dislikeness

10.  Which one of the following is not main factor responsible for the development of community?
A. Character B. Education
C. Socialisation

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