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1.  Socrates says that "all that the soul endures, if directed by _______ ends happiness."
A. Virtue B. Wisdom
C. Prophets D. Truth

2.  Socrates reacts to Anytus' disapproval of the Sophists with:
A. Amazement B. Anger
C. A rebuke D. A theory

3.  Protagoras is used as an example of:
A. A rich Sophist B. A corrupt politician
C. A gifted priest D. A man of true knowledge

4.  Anytus suggests that Meno talk to whom to learn about virtue?
A. The Sophists B. Any Athenian on the street
C. An oracle D. Gorgias

5.  Gorgias refuses to say:
A. That virtue is truth B. That Socrates is a bad influence
C. That he can teach virtue D. That he can't teach virute

6.  How does true opinion relate to knowledge?
A. It's always inferior B. It's sometimes superior
C. They are equally good D. It's inferior in the long run

7.  Socrates was awarded punishment:
A. Death B. Fine
C. Banishment from Athens D. Imprisonment for 3 years

8.  Socrates was a Greek ______ :
A. Philosopher B. Singer
C. Composer D. Poet

9.  Socrates believed that knowledge is the same thing as ______ or excellence and is always good:
A. Virtue B. Knowledge
C. Faith D. Belief

10.  With what question does the Meno begin?
A. What is virute? B. Can virtue be taught?
C. Is virtue a kind of knowledge? D. Are there many virtues or one?

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