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1.  Who of the following said that 'rights are those conditions of social life without which no man can seek in general to be himself at his best'?
A. Laski B. Marx
C. Spencer D. Rousseau
E. Montesquieu    

2.  Exponents of historical theory of rights believe that the rights:
A. Have been given by the society B. Are the product of evolution
C. Are given by the sovereign D. Are of divine origin

3.  Edmund Burke's name is associated with:
A. Legal theory of rights B. Natural theory of rights
C. Idealist theory of rights D. Historical theory of rights

4.  Who of the following said that rights are crystallization of customs?
A. Dr. Asirvatham B. Ritchie
C. Authors of French Revolution D. Edmund Burke

5.  Historical theory of rights has been criticised because:
A. It is too wide B. It is too narrow
C. It is too complicated D. It is difficult to understand

6.  One of the oldest theories about rights is theory of:
A. Natural rights B. Legal rights
C. Idealist theory of rights D. Historical theory of rights

7.  Theory of natural rights was supported by:
A. Hobbes B. Locke
C. Rousseau D. None of the above

8.  Theory of natural rights has been criticised because it makes rights:
A. Too flexible B. Too rigid
C. Too static D. Too un-understandable

9.  Which theory believes that law is the only source, which gives us rights?
A. Theory of natural rights B. Idealist theory of rights
C. Legal theory of rights D. Natural theory of rights

10.  Main criticism against the legal theory of rights is that it:
A. Believes that state alone creates rights B. Has made rights dependent on others
C. Has given worong notion of rights D. Has make rights above society
E. Has not properly understood rights    

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