CSS :: Political Parties and Pressure Group

1.  Who said that 'parties are the power behind the throne':
A. Grotius B. Montesquieu
C. Rousseau D. Finer
E. Sabine    

2.  Who said that a 'political party is an organised body with voluntary membership':
A. Finer B. MacIver
C. G.C.Field D. G.D.H. Cole
E. Sorel    

3.  Who said that a 'political party is a voluntary association of people for the purpose of attaining political power':
A. Gettell B. MacIver
C. G.C.Field D. Finer

4.  Who believed that a 'political party consists of a group of citizens more or less organised who act as a political unit':
A. Gettell B. Finer
C. Garner D. Ebenstein
E. Gilchrist    

5.  In a good democratic system the members should be:
A. Well disciplined B. Free to come and go to the meetings as and when they like
C. To disobey their leader D. To organise sub-groups within the party

6.  Who said that 'without the party system the state has no elasticity'?
A. Finer B. MacIver
C. Ogg and Zinc D. Garner

7.  Political parties give the type of education which is basically:
A. Moral B. Physical
C. Political D. Adult

8.  One great advantage of political party is that:
A. It unites the nation B. It does not offer opportunity to demagogues
C. Helps in getting the grievances of the people redressed D. It does not promote vested interests

9.  One serious drawback of political party system is that:
A. The masses are misled B. It is not responsive to public opinion
C. It does not help in the selection of candidates D. It does not provide a good link with the Government

10.  The system under which there is only one effective political party in the country which controls political life is called:
A. Multi-party B. Bi-party system
C. Single party system D. None of these

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