CSS :: Parliamentary and Presidential Systems

1.  In Parliamentary system real power is exercised by:
A. Parliament B. Lower House
C. President D. Upper House
E. Cabinet    

2.  In Parliamentary system each cabinet minister is:
A. Individually responsible to the Parliament B. Responsible to the Upper House
C. Colletively responsible to upper House D. For all effective purposes collectively responsible to House

3.  In Parliamentary system, the executive has:
A. Some minimum fixed tenure B. Must hold position for the entire period for which initially elected
C. No fixed tenure

4.  A Presidential system, the executive has:
A. Has no effective power B. Is only nominal head
C. Has powers but have been delegated D. Exercises all the powers to his satisfaction

5.  A Presidential system is one in which executive can be removed:
A. By a vote of no condidence in the upper House B. By a vote of no confidence in the lower House
C. By a vote of no confidence by 51% of the total electorates D. By a vote of no confidence by judiciary
E. By the system of impeachment    

6.  Presidential form of government is prevalent in:
A. U.S.A. B. India
C. U.S.S.R. D. England
E. Canada    

7.  Parliamentary form of government is quite common in:
A. India B. Switzerland
C. U.S.A. D. France

8.  Who has said that; "In the state with cabinet form of government the executive head shares directly in legislation as members of law making body, guiding and directing its policy as long as they possess its support:
A. Ebestein B. MacIver
C. Finer D. Laski
E. Gettel    

9.  The real executive chief in presidential form of Government:
A. Is not a member of the legislature B. Should be a member of legislature
C. Is accountable to the legislature D. Introduces all bills in the lower house of legislature

10.  In a parliamentary system the Ministers of the Cabinet:
A. Are not the members of the legislature B. Are the members of the legislature
C. Do not take interest in legislative business D. Are not required to make policy statements in the legislature

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