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11.  Whose valuable works were published after his death according to his will?
A. Al-Ghazali B. Al-Mawardi
C. Al-Farabi D. Nazam-ul-Mulk Tusi

12.  Which is the first scientific treatise on political science and state administration in Islamic History?
A. Al-Akam-al-Sultaniyah B. Qawanin-ul-Wazarat
C. Siyasat Nomah D. Ihya-ul-Uloom

13.  Al Mawardi died at the age of:
A. 70 years B. 86 years
C. 96 years D. 100 years

14.  Who wrote Ahhamul Sultania?
A. Al Mawardi B. Al farabi
C. Al Ghazzali D. Tusi

15.  Who is the author of Qawanin al-Wazart?
A. Tusi B. Mawardi
C. Ghazzali D. Iqbal

16.  Nasiha-tul-Muluk was written by:
A. Tusi B. Farabi
C. Mawardi D. Ghazzali

17.  Tehsilum Nazar Fi Tehsilul Zafar was written by:
A. Mawardi B. farabi
C. Ghazzali D. Tusi

18.  Ilam-ul-Nabwat was written by:
A. Farabi B. Tusi
C. Ghazzali D. Al-Mawardi

19.  Adab al Qazi was written by:
A. Al Mawardi B. Al Farabi
C. Al Tusi D. Iqbal

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