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1.  Karl Marx was born in:
A. France B. Russia
C. Germany D. Itlay
E. Rome    

2.  The Wages, Labour and Capital' was written by:
A. Hegel B. Engles
C. Stalin D. Karl Marx
E. None of these    

3.  Communist Manifesto was authored by:
A. Stalin B. Karl Marx
C. Laski D. George Bernard Shah

4.  Which one of the following is not true about Marxian Socialism?
A. Capital is a theft B. State will wither away
C. State promotes interests of all D. State sides with the rich and not the poor

5.  According to Karl Marx the present state will:
A. Continue for long B. Will wither away
C. Deliver goods with the passage of time D. Slowly benefit the workers

6.  Marx believed that in the present capitalist system of society:
A. The number of workers will come down B. Middle class will become powerful
C. Ranks of middle class will swallow D. Middle class will come at the forefront of struggle against state
E. Middle class will form the rank of the workers    

7.  Which one of the following is regarded by Gustav Rains as an important indicator of development?
A. Growth of trade unions B. Extent to which the social and political institutions are reorganised
C. The growthe of bureaucracy D. None of the above

8.  According to Karl Marx workers:
A. Had no mother land B. Have a motherland to which they must stick
C. Should confine their activities to their country D. Should give maximum cooperation to the state

9.  Dialectical materialism of Marx believes that:
A. Social phenomena is applicable to political life B. Social phenomena has nothing to do with political life
C. Social phenomena is antithesis of political life D. Political Life and social phenomena can't go hand in hand

10.  According to Marxian philosophy dialect:
A. It result of actions and reactions B. No actions and reactions but matter
C. Means that action and reaction must be in the same direction

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