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1.  Who was the following said that liberty means power to do anything that does not injure another?
A. French Declaration of Rights of Man B. Liber
C. Laski D. Herbert Spencer

2.  Who said that from liberty is meant, "Every man is free to do what he wills, provided he infringes not the freedom of other man?"
A. Laski B. G.D.H. Cole
C. Herbert Spencer D. Liber
E. J.S.Mill    

3.  Who said, "liberty is the eager maintenance of that atmosphere in which the men have the opportunity to be at their best seleves?"
A. Laski B. Bentham
C. Mosca D. Liber

4.  Type of liberty, which a man enjoys as a member of civil society, is called:
A. Natural liberty B. Civil liberty
C. Political liberty D. Economic liberty

5.  The liberty, which people enjoy for earning their bread, is called:
A. Economic liberty B. Political liberty
C. Civil liberty D. Natural liberty

6.  When national enjoy both interns as well as externafliberty it is called:
A. Economic liberty B. Political liberty
C. National liberty D. Natural liberty

7.  Who said that liberty is primarily absence of restraints?
A. Seeley B. Laski
C. Benjamin D. G.D.H.Cole

8.  Who said that liberty is means for the realisation of fullness of individual's life?
A. Herbert Spencer B. Benjamin
C. Laski D. Bentham
E. James Mill    

9.  According to Individualists people can enjoy maximum liberty only when state:
A. Performs minimum functions B. Does not exist
C. Performs maximum functions D. Performs maximum optional functions

10.  According to Idealists liberty lies in:
A. State's performing no functions B. Complete obedience to laws
C. Disappearance of state D. The absence of force
E. The promotion of education    

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