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1.  The world justice has been derived from 'justitia' which belong to language:
A. English B. Latin
C. French D. German
E. Roman    

2.  In his philosophy Plato has associated justice with:
A. Functions B. Religion
C. Morality D. Wealth
E. Education    

3.  Which one of the following is not an attribute of justice?
A. It deals with human beings B. It means impartiality
C. It means rule of law D. It means maintenance of discrimination
E. It means maintenance of unavoidable discrimination    

4.  Which one of the following is not an attribute of justice?
A. It means regard for personal dignity B. It means equality before law
C. It means equality before law D. It means development of personality
E. It means equal opportunities for all    

5.  It the primitive societies justice was based on:
A. Perfect equality B. Rule of law
C. Impartiality of judiciary D. Money which one paid to the judges
E. Tit for tat    

6.  Plato's concept of justice was based on:
A. Economic considerations B. Political considerations
C. Social considerations D. Ethical and philosophical considerations
E. Religious considerations    

7.  Which of the following is not true about Plato's concept of justice?
A. He stressed only on inward aspect of human personality B. For him justice was a socail bond
C. For him justice should help in maintaining social order D. It was based on citizen's sense of duty
E. None of the above    

8.  Which one of the following is true about Aristotle's views about justice?
A. It should promote religion B. It should be available to the rich
C. It was what philosopher king thought was just D. It should be available both to the citizens and the slaves
E. It consisted in observing rules of equality    

9.  What is justice according to Plato?
A. Equality before law B. Equal distribution of property
C. Equal religious freedom D. Right of every citizen to do what he qualified
E. What philosopher king though was right    

10.  Which one of the following is true about modern states for giving justice to the people?
A. The state runs educational institution B. The state provides scholarships for studies abroad
C. The state encourages right to property D. The state preaches religion toleration
E. The state maintains courts of law    

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