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1.  Fascist movement first of all developed in:
A. Germany B. USSR
C. USA D. Italy
E. England    

2.  The Fascist Philosophy helped in:
A. Unification of Italy B. Unification of Germany
C. Communist rising in U.S.S.R. D. Parliamentary reforms in England

3.  In the beginning Fascists were:
A. Bitterly opposed by the capitalists B. Tolerated by the Capitalists
C. Assisted by the capitalists D. None of the above

4.  Fascism developed very rapidly in:
A. Germany B. Italy
C. France D. U.S.S.R.
E. Japan    

5.  Fascists wish to establish the leadership of
A. Proletariat B. Working classes
C. Middle classes D. Church
E. One leader    

6.  Fascists believe that for advancement there should be:
A. A good theory B. Theory first and action later on
C. Difference between theory and action D. Action first and theory later

7.  Who used to say 'My Programme is action and not talk':
A. Mussolini B. Hitler
C. Karl Marx D. Stalin
E. Lenin    

8.  Fascists believe in:
A. Internationalism B. International organisation
C. Unconditional acceptance of international obligations D. One state, one party and one leader

9.  According to Fascists the state:
A. Is collection of individuals B. Is association of associations
C. Is one of the associations D. Represents the mind of the society

10.  The Fascists believe that:
A. Individual liberty must be preserved B. Liberty is dead carcass
C. Liberty is a natural right D. Liberty should be guaranteed as fundamental right

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