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1.  Al-Farabi was born in the year _______ A.D.
A. 870 B. 871
C. 872 D. 873

2.  Al-Farabi died in year _______ A.D.
A. 950 B. 951
C. 952 D. 953

3.  Al-Farabi is known as:
A. The Philosopher B. The second teacher
C. The First Arab Philosopher D. The father of Islamic political thought

4.  The name of the book which Al-Farabi wrote is:
A. Ara Madinatul Fazila B. Al-Istabdad
C. Elements of Geometry D. Theory of Revolution

5.  Al-Farabi did his best to reconcile:
A. Greek thought and Islamic Shariat B. Plato's Political theory and Guided caliphate
C. Human intellect and revelation D. Greek science and Eastern Mysticism

6.  Al-Farabi wrote:
A. Commentaries on the work of Plato and Aristotle B. Commentaries on the work of Polybius
C. On the Philosopher king D. The science of politics

7.  Al-Farabi is considered an authority on:
A. Greek Philosophers B. Roman Philosophers
C. English Philosophers D. Muslim Philosophers

8.  A summary of Plato's Law was written by:
A. Al-Farabi B. Al-Mawardi
C. Aristotle D. None of these

9.  Al-Farabi by birth was:
A. Turk B. Egyptian
C. Arab D. Iranian

10.  Which Muslim thinker's commentaries popularized works of Aristotle in the West and saved Greek thought from oblivion?
A. Al-Farabi B. Al-Mawardi
C. Nizam-ul-Mulk Toosi D. Al-Ghazali

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