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1.  Demos' and 'Cratio' are the words of language:
A. Roman B. Greek
C. Latin D. German
E. French    

2.  The word 'Demos' stands for:
A. Authority B. Position
C. Power D. People

3.  The word 'Cratio' stands for:
A. Power B. People
C. State D. Government
E. Sovereign    

4.  Who said that 'democracy is a form of government in which everyone has a share'?
A. Dicey B. Seeley
C. Herodotus D. Gettell

5.  Who defined democracy saying that 'democracy is a form of Government in which will of the majority of the qualified persons rules'?
A. Dicey B. Bryce
C. Leacock D. Woodrow Wilson
E. Lincoln    

6.  Who said that democracy is the Government of the people for the people and by the people?
A. Lincoln B. Bryce
C. Dicey D. Herodotus

7.  In democracy, sovereignty resides in:
A. Head of the state B. Head of the Government
C. Head of the judiciary D. Among the people

8.  In true democracy interest looked after are those of:
A. Government B. Party in power
C. Associations D. Societies
E. People as a whole    

9.  In a democratic society the people are valued on the basis of:
A. Their property B. Their educational qualifications
C. Their nature of work D. Their abilities and capabilities
E. Their capacity to run administration    

10.  Land of direct democracy is:
A. India B. East Germany
C. USSR D. France
E. Switzerland    

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