CSS :: Constitution and Constitutional Government

1.  Who has said that 'Every State has a constitution in the sense that certain principles underlie its existence and its Government'?
A. Professor Jellineck B. Finer
C. Gettell D. Woolsay

2.  Who said that a state without a constitution would not be a state but a regime of anarchy?
A. Professor Jellineck B. Gilchrist
C. Leacock D. Finer
E. Gettell    

3.  Who has said that 'Every constitution is the product of accumulated material and spiritual circumstances of its times'?
A. Gettell B. Finer
C. Leacock D. Rossueau
E. Locke    

4.  Who has said that constitution is the product of all those rules which affect the sovereignty of the state?
A. Lord Bryce B. Professor Dicey
C. Gettell D. Rousseau
E. Woolsay    

5.  Who has said that constitution is the fundamental law of the state containing the principles on which government is founded?
A. Gilchrist B. Lord Bryce
C. Dicey D. Cooley
E. Gettell    

6.  Out of the following who has said that a constitution is the way in which citizens who are components of a state are arranged in relation to one another:
A. Plato B. Rousseau
C. Montesqueiu D. Strate
E. Aristotle    

7.  Cumulative constitution is one which:
A. Is enacted by a specific body B. Is given by the sovereign to the people
C. Is the result of gradual evolution D. Is given by the dictator

8.  Conventional constitution is one which:
A. Is based on conventions B. Is specifically enacted
C. Grows with the passage of time D. Is given by the head of the state

9.  Who has said that a written constitution is one in which most of the fundamental principles of the governmental organisation are contained in a formal written instrument or instruments deliberately created:
A. Gettell B. Finer
C. Dicey D. Bryce
E. Aristotle    

10.  Who has said that the distinction between the written and unwritten constitution is one of degree rather than that of kind:
A. Finer B. Ebestein
C. Munro D. Gettell
E. Woodrow Wilson    

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