CSS :: Constitutional Development And National Movement in Subcontinent

1.  The First Regulating Act was passed in the year:
A. 1713 B. 1733
C. 1753 D. 1773

2.  First Regulating Act was passed because:
A. East India Company was to be given more freedom B. British Parliament wanted to have some hand in the affairs of the Company
C. On the advice of the Prime Minister

3.  One of the important provisions of the Regulating Act was that:
A. It created a Supreme Court in India B. It raised the status of Commander-in-Chief of armed forces in India
C. It permitted company's servants to have private trade D. It reduced the status of the Governor of Bengal

4.  One of the serious defects of Regulating Act, 1773 was that it did not define the relationship of Supreme Court with:
A. Board of Directors in England B. Board of Control in England
C. British Parliament D. Governor-General in India
E. Provincial Governors    

5.  Regulating Act, 1773 will be remembered in Indian history because:
A. It started Parliamentary form of government B. It made a beginning of written constitution in India
C. It provided for a legislative assembly D. It gave Indians a sharr in the running of their administration.

6.  The Amending Act of 1781 primarily dealt with the:
A. British Parliament B. Provincial Governors
C. Supreme Court in India D. House of Commons in India
E. Indian Princes    

7.  By the Provisions of Pitt's India Act 1784, the strength of the members of Governor-General's Council was:
A. Increased B. Decreased
C. Kept as it was D. Left to him to decide subsequently.

8.  The Pitt's India Act wass an improvement upon the Regulating Act because it helped at the settlement of disputes between:
A. The members of the Council themselves B. Mombers of the Council and Governor-General
C. Members of the Council and Judges of Supreme Court D. Governor-General and Chief Justice of Supreme Court
E. Governor-General and Provincial Councils    

9.  The Governor-General in India was given the powers to override the majority decision of his Council by:
A. Regulating Act, 1773 B. Pitt's India Act, 1784
C. Amending Act, 1781 D. Act of 1786
E. Charter Act of 1793    

10.  The qualifications that the Members of Council of Governor-General should have resided for more than a decade in India before their appointments were prescribed by:
A. Pitt's India Act, 1784 B. Charter Act, 1793
C. Charter Act, 1813 D. Charter Act, 1833

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